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July 1955 – July 1965


Main Street USA – The Red Wagon Inn sat at the busiest corner of Main Street USA, between the end of the street and the entrance to Tomorrowland. Guests standing at the central hub, facing the castle, would find the restaurant on the right-hand side of the circle. Today, this building is the Plaza Inn.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – outdoor patio
  • Entertainment – none

The Red Wagon Inn was Disneyland’s largest restaurant for the first ten years of park operation. This 1890’s inspired restaurant featured ornate stained glass windows, an elaborate entry way, and crystal chandeliers. Guests could enjoy a variety of comfort foods, including a famous plate of fried chicken, and enjoy a meal on the sunny patio overlooking Main Street USA.


For ten years, the Inn had a sponsor: The Swifts Premium Meat Company. When the sponsorship ended, the restaurant closed for a slight revamping and renovation, and reopened as the Plaza Inn. Though its name changed, the Inn remained largely the same restaurant with the same comfort food and elaborate décor, and has remained one of the most popular and loved restaurants in Disneyland.


Walt’s wife Lilian designed the interior of the Red Wagon Inn.

Like Carthay Circle, the Red Wagon Inn had a separate private lounge for VIP guests, complete with its own wet bar and bathroom. When the Red Wagon Inn closed, the VIP area became a hospitality center for a new sponsor, Goodyear, and then office space. The separate rooms were finally closed and demolished in 1999.

The Red Wagon Inn’s rooster weather vane is still perched atop the building, now the Plaza Inn.

The Main Street USA corndog stand pays tribute to the Inn; it’s a red wagon!

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  1. Superb building. Love the subtle architectural details at Disney land. I’m not a ride guy, but I love the park, for the scenery.

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