Anyone who’s ever been to Disneyland before knows that the sheer amount of detail can be overwhelming. There’s always so much to see and do…and most guests walk right past hidden gems without ever knowing it! Case in point: the Disneyland Resort Mailboxes. How many times have you walked through Main Street, and never even noticed them?

The Disneyland Resort Mailboxes are real, and park visitors drop thousands of postcards and letters into the boxes every year. You can find all kinds hidden throughout both Disneyland and California Adventure. The mailboxes match the theme of their respective lands, much like the various styles of trashcans and benches. City Hall even offers a special ink stamp, noting that the mail came from inside the park.

Guests drop postcards and letters into the mailboxes, and cast members retrieve them at the end of each day (excluding weekends and holidays). Disney doesn’t mail the letters on property, but send them out from a local post office.

Disneyland Resort Mailboxes

Even if you don’t mail a letter from the mailboxes, they’re still fun to find. The boxes in Fantasyland and on Main Street are my favorites!

One thing to note: make sure you plan ahead and bring stamps if you’re going to use the mailboxes. Disney does not sell stamps, so you’ll have to go off-property to buy some. However, guests of a Disneyland Resort Hotel don’t have to worry; the front desk mails postcards and letters for free with or without stamps.

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