Disneyland sent shock waves throughout its community this morning with the announcement of a new fast pass option: MaxPass. What is it, and how will it affect the existing system?

Max Pass Source: OC Register

First of all, this is NOT FastPass+, which is used in Walt Disney World. You will still not be able to book fast passes in advance, there are no tiers to fast passes, and you can still only hold one at a time. Disneyland still does not have the Magic Band system, and paper tickets will still be the primary fast pass method in both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Think of MaxPass as an alternative booking method, not a new system. If you have the Disneyland App, you will be able to grab fast passes through your phone, instead of running across the park when your window becomes available. The catch: this feature comes at a cost, of $10 per park ticket. No word yet on whether or not annual passholders will have a discount.

The other news that comes with this announcement: Toy Story Midway Mania and the Matterhorn Bobsleds will be adding fast pass, which neither attraction has offered in the past. Now, whether or not you use MaxPass, you can grab a ticket and skip the line on two of the resort’s most popular rides.

The MaxPass system debuts later this year, though without a specific date announced. But don’t worry about having to learn a brand new system; fast pass is here to stay…for now!

6 comments on “MaxPass Announcement – Is Fast Pass Changing?”

    • To my understanding, no. It seems like the only difference is that you can digitally book them, but the same rules apply about waiting until your window to grab another one.

  1. I know this isn’t that much of a change, but it still makes me worried. I can see them eventually charging to get fast passes period, which is ridiculous. Disney World doesn’t charge anything to book fast passes on mobile, and they even offer free wifi.

    • I agree 100%, Gemma. I think sometimes Disneyland already has a reputation of being elitist with the expense and add-on charges. My fear is that eventually, they will do away with the kiosks, so visitors have no choice but to pay $10 for fast passes.

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