Confession time: I am TERRIBLE at Midway Mania. Or at least, I was…until I started learning some little tricks to help build up my score. Midway Mania isn’t just about being the fastest. There are certain moves to make and targets to shoot that will help you fly past your opponent. So what can you do to rack up a high score?

Practice Round – Pie Toss

I don’t waste much energy on this level. Shoot once or twice to make sure you know how to aim for a certain part of the screen. But other than that, wait this one out for the big rounds.

Round 1 – Hamm & Eggs

On this round, go straight for the barn. You’ll see mice flying out, and if you hit enough, the whole screen will be covered in mice worth big points (1000 apiece)!

Round 2 – Rex and Trixie’s Dino Darts

This round, keep your eyes glued to the volcanoes. Pop the lava streams as they pop up, and you’ll eventually anger the volcanoes enough to cause an eruption. When they explode, comets appear in the sky. Knock out each comet 3 times, and a meteor shower of balloons will flood the screen. Happy shooting!

Round 3 – Green Army Men Shoot Camp

This one is probably the trickiest level to master, at least for me. There are two flying plates, one on each side of the screen. If you can, smash both plates mid-air. A tank will drive up and fire huge point plates (5000!), and additional plates will appear on the screen to target.

Round 4 – Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers

If you can knock out all of the aliens on the rocket, it will fly off into space, revealing a robot (Gigantobot). Each ring that flies into his mouth is worth 2000 points!

Round 5 – Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery

There is absolutely no strategy to this level. Go as fast as you can. The more bullseyes you hit, the higher the point level goes. And then, at the very end, it’s just a rapid fire onto a static screen. Go as fast as humanly possible and crank out those points!


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