Welcome to Ask The Duchess Vol. 8, a monthly Q&A post covering a variety of resort-related topics. Ask The Duchess answers questions submitted by readers. If you have a question you’d like answered, send me a message here!

1. Is the Matterhorn similar to Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom? (submitted by Megan)

In some ways, yes. They both share a snowy mountain setting, and both have a mysterious yeti looming in the shadows. But each coaster uses that setting in a very different way. The interior of Expedition Everest is pitch black, whereas the Matterhorn ice caves illuminate the inner mountain. On the Matterhorn, you weave around much more, and the thrills come from tight turns and jerkiness, not major drops. Expedition Everest is much more of a traditional roller coaster, whereas the Matterhorn is more like an “adventure” ride, on par with Indiana Jones.

2. Does California Adventure have Dole Whip? (submitted by Anonymous)

                Nope. You can only get Dole Whip in Adventureland, at the Tiki Juice Bar.

3. How do you feel about the metal detectors at security now? (submitted by Raina)

Honestly, it makes me feel a lot safer! People have been complaining that it slows down the line, but that’s just not the case. You get pulled to the side if you’re selected for screening, so you don’t affect the line. And honestly, when I was screened, I think the whole process took me an additional 20 seconds. The lines are horrible lately because they don’t have enough cast members working security, not because of the metal detectors.

4. What is the difference between Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort? (submitted by Chad)

Disneyland is the umbrella term for the entire Anaheim complex. Technically speaking, the “Disneyland Resort” includes the two parks, Downtown Disney, and the three resort hotels, and “Disneyland” is one of the two parks. But most people (myself included) tend to use “Disneyland” to refer to both.

5. What DON’T you like about Disneyland? (submitted by Pryce)

This is kind of a vague question. There are a few attractions I don’t care for, like Autopia or It’s A Small World. If you’re talking more about the experience of visiting the park, I would say two things. First, I hate waiting in line, like everyone else! And second, I wish Disneyland had a better way for crowds to get around during shows (fireworks, parades, Fantasmic!). It’s pretty much impossible to move between lands during those times, so it can be frustrating if you’re trying to use a fast pass or get to a dining reservation. Logistically, I understand why that’s virtually impossible for Disneyland to fix, but it’s still a pain to deal with when you’re in the park.

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