Buena Vista Street is Disney’s reimagining of 1920’s Hollywood – the very decade Walt arrived in California and began what would become his magical empire. Though the buildings, restaurants, and trolleys are all reminiscent of the past, most of the guests on the street really don’t fit into the time period…that is, with one exceptional group.

Elias & Co., the largest shop in California Adventure, houses a series of rooms with Disney merchandise, home goods, clothing…and it also hosts an ongoing 20s party, with guests frozen in time.

If you start in the front of Elias & Co. (right next to the Hollywood Land entrance), and pass through to the second room in the shop, you’ll be standing beneath a lavish party happening on the second floor.

The guests are fabulously dressed, drinking champagne, and enjoying the romantic lighting from ornate crystal chandeliers.

Elias & Co. Partygoers

So if you’re looking for a taste of old school Hollywood glamour, take a peek at the Elias & Co. Partygoers. These flappers and dapper gentlemen party day and night!

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