Grizzly Peak is California Adventure’s quiet, scenic land, tucked between the hustle and bustle of the waterfront and Buena Vista Street. This forest oasis has its own nature trail (Redwood Creek), some misty rapids (Grizzly River Run), and plenty of shady places to sit and take in the scenery. But did you know that Grizzly Peak also has its own ranger watchtower? Mt. Muir Lookout is hiding in plain sight!

To find this hidden gem, head into Grizzly Peak from Buena Vista Street. Keep to the right side of the main path, and you’ll see Mt. Muir Lookout, just beyond Soarin’.

The tower has a plaque that reads: This watch tower was erected for the dedicated rangers, brave pilots and courageous smokejumpers who serve the people, wildlife and natural resources of Grizzly Peak. We honor their ongoing achievements in forest conservation and tireless commitment to the preservation of our wilderness.

Behind the watch tower, you can also check out a board displaying vintage forest protection posters, photos of rangers, and an advertisement for Muir Woods.

Mt. Muir Lookout arrived in California Adventure in 2015, when the space formerly known as Condor Flats became the Grizzly Peak Airfield. The watch tower and commemorative boards pay tribute to park rangers and conservationists, and Mt. Muir Lookout is now the centerpiece of the Airfield.

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