If you’ve ever strolled down Main Street USA, you’ve seen the overwhelming variety of shops, window displays, and signs covering each block. But there’s more to Main Street than just shopping! This street, modeled after Walt’s hometown of Marceline, MO, has the workings of a functioning town. You’ll see City Hall, the fire house…even a dentist’s office.

You’ll find this office at the end of Center Street, next to the lockers. You can’t stop in for a visit…though the occasional shrieks from the upstairs window suggest that may not be such a bad thing.

This dentist thought things through; business must boom on a street overwhelmed with candy, ice cream, and popcorn. I guess the screams come from patients who have one too many Matterhorn Macaroons!

2 comments on “Painless Dentist”

  1. This is funny. It would be cool if we could peek into these stores though, even if it was just a tiny room with the dentist at his chair and a patient.

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