Main Street USA‘s shops draw in thousands and thousands of visitors per day. Guests circle each display, to the point where many guests have merchandise locations memorized. But even the most frequent visitors sometimes miss the street’s hidden details.

At first glance, the Penny Arcade seems more like a candy shop than an actual arcade. But spend some time in the nooks and crannies, and you’ll find some hidden gems that prove it is in fact an arcade!

These old-fashioned machines each have a different trick. Light up the electricity machine, make Pinocchio dance, squeeze the strength tester, and more. My personal favorites are the silent movies – drop in a penny and watch scenes from century-old pictures!

Penny Arcade Machines

When visiting Disneyland, it’s always a smart idea to bring coins. Each land has its own pressed penny machines, and the Penny Arcade’s classic machines are worth some exploration!

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