Disneyland’s Opera House is most closely associated with animatronic President Lincoln. But deep inside its curtained, Mr. Lincoln is not the only representation of the American spirit.

Spirits of America Miniatures

These statues might look familiar to EPCOT fans. They’re tiny versions of the Spirits of America, which appear at the end of the American Adventure show.

These figures represent traits at the heart of American values, traits that our founders incorporated into the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

You’ll see the spirits of Adventure, Knowledge, Heritage, Individualism, Innovation, Self-Reliance, Discovery, Pioneering, Compassion, Independence, Freedom, and Tomorrow.

To see the full-sized versions of these incredible figures, you’ll have to visit the American Pavilion in the EPCOT World Showcase. At the end of its show, huge curtains pull back to reveal the massive statues in all their glory. But West Coast fans can still sneak a peek at the Spirits of America. Just stop by the back drawing room on your way to see President Lincoln.

The plaque reads: SPIRITS OF AMERICA – Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln inspired other inspirational Disney attractions like Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and The American Adventure in Epcot. These “Spirits of America,” carved for The American Adventure, symbolize many diverse people working together in unity to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our country’s pioneers.

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