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July 1955 – September 1955


Main Street USA – Grandma’s Baby Shop stood on the northern end of the street, next to the former lingerie store. Today, this space is home to the famous Silhouette Studio.



  • Merchandise – Baby clothes, shoes, and accessories
  • Unique Features – Doll window displays

Grandma’s Baby Shop offered visitors a selection of baby clothes, complete with shoes, hats, and holiday outfits. (And that’s all I know about it! The shop’s lifespan was so short that it really doesn’t have much of a story.)


It didn’t take Disney long to figure out that visitors didn’t want to do normal shopping at the park; they wanted to do Disney shopping. Before long, most of the non-branded stores closed in favor of Disney stores, and Grandma’s Baby Shop was the first to go. The store closed by the end of summer 1955, to make room for the fan favorite Silhouette Studio.


Grandma’s Baby Shop had perhaps the weirdest placement of all the Main Street shops; it was right next to the lingerie store!

This shop has the distinction of being the first Main Street storefront to close, barely lasting through the first summer of park operation.

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  1. Reading about the baby shop now makes me wonder why they never tried a Disney-branded baby shop. I think that would be really successful.

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