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July 1955 – July 1960


Tomorrowland – The Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame stood at the front right corner of Tomorrowland, visible from Main Street USA. The building that housed the Hall of Fame is now part of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.


In the early years of Tomorrowland, the futuristic land dedicated to space and technology was the most heavily sponsored area in the park. Most of the attractions and some of the rides had official sponsors, and virtually all of the self-guided walkthrough attractions were essentially living commercials for certain brands. The Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame debuted on Opening Day in 1955, and for the park’s first five years of operation, was one of the most innovative promotional attractions in Tomorrowland, showcasing Kaiser’s aluminum products as the equipment of the future.


The Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame was a walkthrough exhibit featuring the best of Kaiser’s aluminum products. Guests began the tour by learning how Kaiser makes aluminum, and saw a number of Kaiser creations, including the infamous Kaiser Aluminum Pig (KAP) and a 40-foot aluminum telescope. The exhibit wound through a series of hallways adorned with various aluminum structures, appliances, and showcases, before arriving in an open hall containing the two highlights of the attraction: the ”Time Sphere” and the “Brightest Star in the World of Metals”. The Time Sphere, a massive aluminum ball, projected images of ancient knights, 50’s firemen, and an imagined futuristic spaceman, all proudly using or wearing aluminum. And finally, guests ended their tour at the Brightest Star in the World of Metals, a glowing multi-point star. As guests exited the attraction, they received a commemorative card.

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Though the attraction highlighted Kaiser as a company looking toward the future, the brand wanted out of Disneyland within its first few years of operation. Kaiser felt that Disneyland’s TV show featured too much competition from other sponsors. Walt convinced Kaiser to stay in the park until 1960, but the company left as soon as their five-year contract came to an end.


This attraction was one of the last to be constructed before the park’s grand opening, and was completed just days before the gates opened to the public.

Disney never planned to keep the Aluminum Hall of Fame as a long-term attraction, but it was Kaiser that ultimately pulled the plug after just five years.

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The card reads: _____ has been ALUMINATED by “The Brightest Star in the World of Metals” at the Kaiser Aluminum Exhibit at Disneyland and is aware of all the benefits pertaining thereto.

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