New to the resort? Looking for a VIP experience? Want insider info about the happiest place on earth? If any of these apply to you, consider booking a tour during your trip to the Disneyland Resort. You’ve probably seen the tour guides out and about; they wear distinctive plaid uniforms and are usually accompanied by a small group. (Tip for those looking for celebs: they almost always have a tour guide to help them get around the park, so look for plaid!)

VIP & Guided Tours

There are two types of tours: Guided Tours and VIP Tours. Guided tours are large group walkthroughs, almost always with a theme. These tours take guests on a historical journey of the park, pointing out significant details and sharing some of Walt’s favorite Disneyland places and memories. These tours are often seasonal, and typically last for a few hours. For more information about current guided tours, pricing, and accessibility, check out the Guided Tours page here.

If you’re looking for an even more specialized tour, the VIP Tour is the private and exclusive touring option available at the park. Disneyland’s VIP Tours are completely customized experiences offering guests a unique visit to Disneyland, tailored to their personal interests. There’s no single experience to be had on a VIP Tour, but there are a few basics that apply to each. First, you’ll be able to cut the line – tour guides lead you right up to the loading area of attractions, giving you a truly VIP park experience. Second, you’ll get behind the scenes info – a little park history, a little bit about Walt, and a little bit of insider advice for your next trip. And third, you’ll get reserved viewing/seating for parades, nighttime shows, and the fireworks. When the rest of the crowds have to stake out a spot way in advance, you can walk right in to your own saved seat!

All of these perks come at a steep price ($400-$500 an HOUR, depending on the season), and come with more rules and restrictions than the typical group guided tours:

  • You must be 18 to register for a VIP tour guide (and have a photo ID). Anyone under 16 on the tour must be accompanied by someone 18 and up.
  • You can book your guide up to 90 days in advance, and Disney recommends you book at least a week in advance to ensure availability (especially for non-English speaking tours).
  • Tour guides can be reserved for as long as you’d like (within park hours), and are billed by the hour.
  • Cancellation policy: 48 hours, or a fee of 2 hours of a tour.

For more information about VIP Tours, check out the VIP Tour Services official page here. To check in for a tour or learn more during your stay, visit the Guided Tours desk on Main Street USA, to the left of City Hall.

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